FOCUS ON ACTION With Boaz David- Promo

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FOCUS ON ACTION With Boaz David- Promo


This is a promo for 2 One hour Coaching sessions- Click to try the program now!

Is Your Fashion Business Exceeding Your Goals?

If not, this is for you!

FOCUS  ON ACTION is a monthly one on one private business coaching and consulting with Boaz David that will help you exceed your business goals!

Together with Boaz, you will get laser-focused on taking action and getting results in YOUR BUSINESS. 

Boaz has helped hundreds of designers launch and grow their fashion brands and he is here  to do the same for you. 



  • Access to my extensive knowledge and 20+ years of industry experience in building brands from the ground up

  • Accountability for your actions. When you have a professional NUDGE and advisor around, you get more DONE (we all do)

  • CLARITY which will translate into making BETTER DECISIONS in your business.

  • CONFIDENCE and empowerment to TAKE ACTION and REACT to your business. Rather than waiting for things to happen – You will be IN CONTROL of your business!

  • The chance to turn your dreams into a reality and have the life you always wanted!


  • Set up short and long-term goals for your business

  • Figure out the priorities for you to focus on in your business so you will get results

  • Decide on your business concept and strategy

  • Figure out your most profitable products so you can spend LESS and make more money

  • Get CLARITY about your market positioning, target customer and price points

  • Define the DNA of your brand

  • Get financial advice for your business, what should you spend your money on?

  • Get help with costing and pricing your products to ensure you make a profit

  • Get feedback and advice about your designs and fashion products

  • Get advise on sourcing options and setting up your supply chain

  • Create a calendar and a budget for your development and production

  • Create and execute weekly action steps so you can feel accomplished and in control

  • Get over your fear of trying something new

  • Discover your strengths and expand upon them

  • Discover your personal operating system and mental construct (your greatness, blocks, beliefs, needs, aspirations etc.), and how to implement that into your business model.

  • Address any other fashion business question or challenge you have and need to address.


  • A designer or an entrepreneur who has an idea for a fashion product and need help, advice, and guidance on when and where to start a brand and how to execute it.

  • A designer or an entrepreneur who is already in business and is ready to take it to the next level.

  • A designer or an entrepreneur who is SERIOUS about your business. I am only looking for people who are 100% COMMITTED to doing whatever it takes to build their brand, If you rate your seriousness and commitment as 10 out of 10 this is FOR YOU!

NOTE: It doesn't matter where you are in the world or whether you have experience in the industry or not


  • You need to commit to at least 2 months

  • Each month you will have 3 weekly 55 minutes private consulting sessions with me. We will set up a specific day and time for our weekly session.

  • All 3 sessions will need to be used in that same month, there will be no rolling over of sessions to the next month

  • During each laser session, we will discuss your challenges/question/ideas, agree on your homework and you must complete your homework before your next session. The tasks and homework will be bite-sized so you’ll feel focused and energized. The idea is to help you move forward.

  • You will have a designated Slack chat and a Dropbox folder to send docs between sessions

  • Sessions will be conducted via phone or Skype calls

  • Sessions are available on weekdays only– usually between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm EST