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Focus on Solutions


Wish you could have your private board of advisors regularly on your side?

How about a fashion business coach who has the industry experience to help you find the right answers and solutions for your business and help you move the needle forward so you will avoid pitfalls and meet your business goals?

Focus on Solutions is a one-on-one unlimited coaching program with Boaz David that focuses 100% on getting things done in your fashion business!

The program is for a period of 3 months via 20-minute laser calls.

Sessions must be used by 1/15/18

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This laser coaching program designed to give you support, accountability, and the private mentoring you need to get you into action quickly doing the things that really matter.

As a business owner you are constantly facing with making decisions. Many times, and especially if you are new to the industry that part can be challenging and overwhelming which can hold you back. However, those who implement quickly and overcome procrastination get the BEST profitable results. This coaching program is based on that concept. 

Here's how it works

You get unlimited 20-minute laser coaching sessions (private, one-on-one) with Boaz David for a period of three months (through January 15th 2018).

During each laser session, we will discuss your challenges/question/ideas, agree on your homework and you must complete your homework before you schedule your next session. If you want to do your homework immediately after we talk and schedule your next session the very same day, you can!

The tasks and homework will be bite-sized so you’ll feel focused and energized. Again, the idea is to help you move forward.

When you have a professional NUDGE and advisor around, you get more DONE (we all do), which then benefits your business. If you want flat abs, you will need to go to the gym regularly. Hiring a personal trainer, someone with experience that you trust, you’re paying and who will hold you accountable and you’re a little afraid of will do the trick. That’s just the truth (for all of us).

Once your business is starting to take shape, you’re moving forward and seeing results (6 abs starts to form), you ditch the trainer.

** BONUS - you will also get access to ALL our industry form value of $239!

You can use this coaching to:

  • Get feedback and critiques on your business concept and strategy
  • Get feedback about the feasibility of your products/business
  • Get clarity about your market positioning, target customer and price points
  • Review of branding re: logo, website etc.
  • Define the DNA of your brand
  • Set up short and long-term goals for your business
  • Get financial advice for your business, what should you spend your money on?
  • Get help with costing and pricing your products to ensure you make a profit
  • Get feedback and advice about your designs and fashion products
  • Figure out your most profitable products so you can spend LESS and make more money
  • Figure out the priorities for you to focus on in your business so you will avoid the bright shiny object syndrome
  • Get advise on sourcing options and setting up your supply chain
  • Create a calendar and a budget for your development and production
  • Get help on dealing with your vendors
  • Create a weekly (and daily) marketing plan
  • Explore new business opportunities
  • Create and execute weekly action steps so you can feel accomplished and in control
  • Get over your fear of trying something new
  • Discover your strengths and expand upon them
  • Discover your personal operating system and mental construct (your greatness, blocks, beliefs, needs, aspirations etc.), and how to implement that into your business model.
  • And more

Due to the nature of the program (unlimited short laser coaching sessions), in order to make it work efficiently here are the “rules”:

  • You can start this program immediately and it runs for 3 months.
  • All sessions MUST be used by 1/15/18. No exceptions.
  • Each session will focus on the achievement of one very specific goal. After that goal is reached, we’ll move on to the next thing
  • You can schedule as many 20-minute laser calls as you like, as long as you complete the “homework” between sessions. You can only schedule one session at a time and you MUST complete your homework before you book a new call. 
  • You will have a designated Slack chat and a Dropbox folder to send docs between sessions
  • Boaz will not answers questions via emails between sessions
  • Sessions can be conducted via phone or Skype calls
  • Sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday– usually between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm EST
  • After you sign up, we'll send you access to the online scheduler to book your first session right away