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business Feasibility group 

can your fashion product idea be profitable?

would you like to learn the steps to determine if it does BEFORE you invest your life savings?

Over the last 20 plus years I have had the pleasure of launching several very successful fashion brands, which lead me to develop a clear and simple process to help new business owners like you determine at the planning stage if their idea is workable and profitable, and if so what are the steps to take.

If you are reading this you most likely have an idea for a new fashion brand, and...You think it’s pretty awesome. Your friends and family think it's cool, but the question just keeps raising its ugly head...


That’s what I'm here for.

What you need right now is a step by step process to help you conclude if your idea has legs and whether you should move forward with it or not.


Before you put your life’s savings on the line.
Before you leap into a raging river without a life vest. 
Before you take a risk that will forever change your life.

We need to sit down and hash out your idea from beginning to end so you can have the most important thing that you will need in order to be successful  - CLARITY! 

The majority of start-up fashion brands fail in their first 2 years!

The main reason for that is because they don't have clarity on what would work, what to do and/or don't have a strong plan for their business to address the challenges of a new brand.

What i want for you is to be the one who makes is and build a successful fashion brand...one that is even better than what you dream of!

If you are new to the industry or if this is the first time that you are starting your own business and are serious about building a success story keep reading... if you are not sure than this is not for you.

How can I help you?

In this mastermind group workshop I'm going to share with you my step by step process to help you determine if your business idea is feasible and what are the steps to take in order to execute it.

This is a small group with only 5 spots available so you and your project will get the attention needed.

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What Will You Get IN This Program?

  • A review of your brand's concept, your business model and goals
  • A review of your market positioning and target customer
  • A review of your product categories and your Unique Selling Proposition 
  • A review of your retail target prices and sample cost sheet excise for 2 of your best styles to see if your product can be profitable.
  • A review of your development and production options to help you decide which one fits your business model (where to produce, possible challenges and how to avoid them, etc.)
  • A review of your selling strategy
  • A review of your business calendar (when to design, when to develop, produce, sell etc.) 
  • A review of your start-up budget
  • I will point out possible challenges to look out for and crucial start-up mistakes to avoid
  • The opportunity to engage with other designers who are in a similar stage, share and receive ideas, experiences and thoughts. The nature of a mastermind group is to bring few minds together to collaborate and help each other.
  • And above all....you will get my expert opinion whether your idea has legs or not!
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How Does it Work?

The Business Feasibility Master Mind Group is a consulting program with me - Boaz David. I use my 20+ years in the industry working with hundreds of start-up fashion brands to study your idea and let you know if it is feasible. The package includes 4 steps:

  1. Step 1 -  Questionnaire, you will complete a worksheet with questions BEFORE our first call. You will get the questionnaire when signing up and it should be completed at least 24 hours before the first call.
  2. Step 2 - First call, we will review everyone's questionnaire, business model and goals. Based on that you will have a a couple of assignments to complete in preparation for the next call.  
  3. Step 3 - Main Call, this is where we will roll up our sleeves dive into your project and slice and dice your idea to study every aspect of it. At the end of it, you will have CLARITY about your idea, and whether its worth perusing and how. Then we will create a strategy to execute it and a map of the next first steps for you to take. This step will be conducted in 2 separate calls to allow enough time for every participant.
  4. Step 4 - Last call, we will end the program with a follow-up call 1 week later to review your progress and make sure you are on the right track moving forward.

**BONUS – Included with this package is our full industry package forms for FREE (value of $239).

Who Is it For?

  • Anyone who has an idea for a fashion product and want to know if the idea is doable, profitable and/or worth perusing
  • Anyone who is SERIOUS about starting a fashion business and want an honest expert opinion about the idea, as well as what to do and what NOT to do.


This workshop will start on Thursday July 12th, 2018 and will go through July 26th, 2018. Below is the breakdown of the calls:

  • Step 2 - this first call is scheduled for Thursday, July 12th 2018, 1- 3pm Est.
  • Step 3 - there will be 2 separate calls scheduled for the following times:
    • Wednesday, July 18th, 2018, 1- 3pm Est.
    • Thursday, July 19th, 2018, 1- 3pm Est.
  • Step 4 - this last call is scheduled for Thursday, July 26th 2018, 1- 3pm Est.

** It doesn't matter where you are in the world or whether you have experience in the industry or not, but it does metter that you will be willing to hear the good and the bad about your business idea!

Now, imagine how EMPOWERING it will feel to know if your fashion product idea worth perusing or not?  

So, BEFORE you quit your day job and pour all your savings and time into it, click the button below and take the first step from NOT KNOWING to “KNOWING.



The consultation session provided some much needed clarity regarding if my idea was one that could possibly translate into a successful business venture. I walked away with a renewed sense of direction and several concrete steps to take in order to turn my idea into a reality.
For me, being new to the industry, the consultation session allowed me to see the process of production and development as more doable and less overwhelming. Moving forward I now have the mindset of simply reaching each milestone one step at a time and no longer feel paralyzed by being overwhelmed.
— Kendall Lamb
I now have a clear understanding of what my business, product, and concept are.
The program made a big difference.
I loved the one on one attention. I felt like you were genuine and someone who is passionate about their work. It was a delight to be able to collaborate with someone that really cares. I am one satisfied customer!
— Diana Alvarez, ChicReign
The main points I got from my consultation with Boaz were confirmation that my business idea is feasible and guidance on what steps I need to take next. I had been spinning my wheels for so long trying to figure things out on my own so this was an enormous help. It has already made a huge difference in my business because now I have a more solid path to follow and I know what tasks I need to tackle next. I feel like things are finally falling into place with my business and I don’t feel so lost and helpless. I was really grateful for the questions you asked before our phone call because it made the whole session so much more productive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help, Boaz. I am so grateful for your guidance.
— Elizabeth Kempkes
I am so grateful to find resources out there that give a realistic picture of what is involved in launching a successful line
— Beth Drummond, Sweet Pea and Lily
Many thanks again for all the help, support and words of encouragement, as I said before, best and most sensible thing I’ve done with this business is to engage with you!
— Sophie Burkart, SoffiaB
I recently met with Boaz David for a one-session consultation. I am starting to produce swimwear in NYC, so I had many questions about fabrics, costs, and wholesale sources. Boaz had sent me a questionnaire about my business plan in advance. I knew from the minute I walked in that he had thought about my business and had prepared thoroughly. He had learned about my top competitors and how I am positioning my swimwear. He had prepared a list of fabric sources to meet my specifications, and was able to talk me through likely costs and timelines. His manner is warm, direct, very encouraging and very professional. I left feeling very grateful and fortunate to have met Boaz. And then that evening he sent an email with more sources and suggestions! Boaz has my strongest recommendation.
— Anne Byrnes, L.A.Byrnes Enterprises, Inc.
Boaz, Thank you so much for all your sound advice and suggestions! I really appreciate walking through the operational process with me and hammering out potential problems. You’re a true gem and are absolutely brilliant! I feel I can now move forward with this new sense of direction. Your thoughts and insight are invaluable. Thank you for an insider’s take on this mission, for your guidance and for streamlining my efforts
— Grace Alignay, Designing Eye, LLC
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