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PATTERNs and TECHNICAL design services 

Need help with pattern making, or CREATING a TECH-PACK?

Working with a good pattern maker will not only ensure a great fit for your product but will also save you time and money!

We work with: womenswear (casual, contemporary, evening) , menswear, childrenswear, swimwear, performance/active wear, lingerie, accessories, jewelry, handbags and home products.


Most pattern makers are only good at the technical aspects of creating a pattern, but that is not enough. A good pattern maker should:

  • Understand fashion and  trends
  • Understand the production cycle of a garment and how to create patterns that will not only work for a sample but also for production.
  • Understand the concept of the brand.

We don't just create good patterns, we create good patterns that works for your business needs, price point and target customer! 

Contact us today to make an appointment to review your pattern making needs!

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