"Insider Secrets To Creating Sales For Your Fashion Brand" 

Selling is one of the most important skills an Entrepreneur will ever develop.  Even though selling is a critical skill most entrepreneurs avoid it like the plague. They find any reason to not do it.
Reasons fashion brand owners don't want to sell:

  • They believe they won't be good at it.
  • They believe to be a good salesperson you have to have the gift of gab.
  • They believe that salespeople use manipulation, high pressure, and even lying to make the sale.
  • They believe you cannot have integrity and be a good sales person.
  • They don't know the first thing about how to do it.
  • They think they are too busy to do it (trust me if you don't do it you won't be busy for long).
  • They fear rejection.What if you could learn how to do the process of cultivating strong sales and loyal customers? What if you found a system that was very doable and even you can do it.  And maybe even like doing it?

Vibe Consulting and Human B offer:
"Insider Secrets To Creating Sales For Your Fashion Brand"  

This is a group coaching program that will teach you how to create a selling system for your fashion business. This program is designed for start-ups and small fashion companies that want to maximize sales and profit for their brands. 

  • A 6 week program where you will have weekly group conference calls with Maria Pesin of Vibe Consulting with the goal of learning about sales and marketing and producing a specific and executable plan for building sales.
  • At the end of each group class there will be a Q & A giving all the participants the opportunity to ask questions about their specific challenges.
  • Maria Pesin is the founder of Vibe Consulting, a consulting firm that works with fashion companies to increase sales and profitability. Maria has launched and built several multi-million dollar apparel companies.   She brings 25+ years fashion industry experience to her clients to help them reach their business goals

When:  Weekly calls starting January 5th through February 9th 2016 



***EARLY BIRD - SIGN UP BY 12/10 AND SAVE $100- ONLY $499***

Week 1 - Establish Your Foundation

Making great product is only half the equation in selling your collection.  Articulating what makes your product great is the other half.  You need to have your story in place.  What is the reason your brand exists?  Or in other words what is your USP (unique selling proposition).  The next step is researching your competition so you can tell your buyer who your product sits with.  Finally you must decide what your channels of distribution are and how you will pursue these channels.


Week 2 - Website

Making a website is key to communicating your brand.  In this week we will discuss the elements of a good branding website.  We will plan the different pages and decide whether there will be a shopping cart as well.


Week 3 – Selling Wholesale To Stores

In this week we make the sales plan.  We will look at sales reps vs. opening your own showroom and how many reps/showrooms are feasible and in which territories.  In addition we will discuss the trade shows and which ones would be appropriate for you collection and dates for the different markets.  We will also discuss budgets, margins, and target accounts.

Weeks 4 Finding The Right Reps

Vibe Consulting will show you how to research and find the right reps for your product.  We will discuss how to interview them,  negotiate contracts, and manage them once they are hired.  


Week 5 –  How to Sell

  • This will be a training week where you will learn how to sell directly to stores.   We will cover:
  • Coming up with a target list.
  • How to approach stores you wish to sell. 
  • How to make phone calls and the kind of emails you should send.  
  • You will learn the best way to present your collection to a buyer .
  • The keys to having a successful trade show.  
  • Closing the deal andgetting orders placed.
  • Following up with a buyer to make sure they are successful with your collection and you are building a business with them.

Week 6 – Marketing Your Product

  • This week we will develop a plan for getting the word out about your product.  In your plan depending on your budgetwe will include PR, Social Media, and Advertising.
  • This is the final week so we will review your written sales planso that there is a map for you to follow in order to bring your brand to market.

Start date Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 6:00pm EST


***Early bird - Sign up by 12/10 and save $100- only $499***

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