How to Sell Your Line to Boutiques – Bootcamp

 Selling your line is what will make the difference between having a hobby or a business. Is it time for you to turn your passion and talent into a Successful BUSINESS?  Than lets start selling.

“Sell to Boutiques” Online Course – available now, at your convenience – the sessions have been pre-recorded and you can start immediately. PLUS the exact written scripts you can use when you contact a buyer.

**Just added! BONUS Session that gives you the “scripts” to use with a retail buyer. Click this video for a sneak peek at what you’ll learn.

This video has a clip from the Bonus Session – the “scripts” to use with a buyer.

Three Complete Training Sessions plus the bonus “scripts” session – all online and at your convenience about how to get your line into retail stores.


What you’ll learn:

  • What buyers want to know about your line
  • How to approach a retailer – what to send first, how to follow up, step by step
  • The exact template of what a good email to a buyer should look like
  • How to speak “retail” not “designer” so buyers will actually listen
  • The exact written scripts you can use with buyers, typed out as well as role-played on video
  • Watch a clip from the program here

8 out of 10 independent designers will not make it through their second year in business.

What those 9 are missing is the ability to SELL ENOUGH to make a living. And here’s why…

  • They’re afraid to pick up the phone and since they haven’t practiced what to say – and they often botch it when they do
  • They don’t know the best way to approach a retailer, what to send and in what order
  • They’re missing the step-by-step specific SALES processes needed
  • The don’t understand the fundamentals of marketing your product – the kind that makes your customer look twice
  • They give up way too early in the selling cycle – not wanting to seem salesy or pushy

To be the 1 who makes it, you need someone to take you gently by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do, how to do it and in what order. Step-by-step.

Who this Program is for:

Entrepreneurs in the following product categories have taken this course and given it terrific feedback:

  • Women’s clothing
  • Menswear
  • Children’s and baby products
  • Jewelry
  • Stationery
  • Hats, scarves, etc…
  • Handbags
  • Gift items

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Session 1:

  • The single most valuable thing you need to be doing right now to grow your business
  • How you’re going to fit this class and this information into your already busy schedule – simple and effective tips to get it all done
  • Why you want to sell more
  • Your line and its specific features vs. benefits – becoming influential
  • “A guy walked into a bar” exercise — to nail down your exact target client and how you can help them
  • Where to find your “ideal” customer how to engage them and sell to them
  • Three direct response “triggers” and how YOU can use them for your line

Session 2:

  • How to make a specific offer to buyers so it’s easy for them to buy
  • Your elevator speech and how to do an authentic one that makes people say, “Yeah, that’s for ME!”
  • Plan your selling strategy – mail vs. email etc. and decide on your three week plan
  • How to make a specific offer to buyers so it’s easy for them to buy
  • Pick the stores you want to target and make a SPECIFIC plan for each one that you can implement right away
  • How to draft an email that actually gets opened – we give you the template – with details on what you must include and what to leave out
  • The “secret sauce” that got all four boutiques I approached on my first day out to place and order.

Session 3:

  • “Non salesy” sales secrets to sell your product in a low key, no pressure, ethical way
  • The ONE thing that drives retailers crazy about emerging designers and what you can do to get around it
  • Specific email critiques: Real-life case studies from Jane’s files of what works, what doesn't
  • No more Shiny Objects
  • Script it – how to “speak” retail, not designer
  • Practice it (role-playing)Plan your answers to 3 common buyer questions so you’re not caught off guard
  • Learn how to overcome your fear of calling a retail buyer – I’ll tell you what to say and how to say it to get the buyer’s attention
  • Your plan for continuing to take action, implement what you learned, and sell more consistently

BONUS Session:

  • The exact “scripts” you can use with a retail buyers. Real life role-playing scenarios from Jane’s experience as a designer and retailer for 14 years.
  • All the scripts typed out for you to keep by your desk.
  • Video of role-playing examples so you can hear how it works and get comfortable with the process of contacting buyers.
  • Watch this video clip that teaches you the actual “scripts” to use with a buyer

Here’s What You Get:

  • This program is a supportive and encouraging “webinar training classroom”. You can do it from anywhere. Each session is about 60 minutes and all you need is a computer.
  • The bootcamp is all done online via videos and downloads. There is no tricky technology needed. You also get Session Notes, worksheets, templates and scripts to support the presentations.
  • Access to all trainings for one year so you won’t miss any important information. This means you can watch the Training Sessions as often as you like, in whatever order you like, and completely at your convenience.
  • I’ll give you simple yet powerful assignments to do as “homework” between bootcamp sessions.
  • Each session, you’ll get several worksheets, downloads, cheat sheets, and notes to help you stay focused, stay on track, and complete your assignments. Doing these assignments and learning the simple sales strategy will help you grow your business SO much more quickly than you ever would on your own.
  • Complete written transcripts of all course materials. We all learn in different ways. Some learn best by hearing, some are more visual, and some like to read the information. You have your choice so you can learn the way that’s easiest and most effective for you.
  • The exact “scripts” you can use when you get on the phone with a buyer.These scripts are typed up for you to keep by your desk as well as modeled in a video for you to learn from.

Your Investment: $99

Let’s face it, if you get ONE sale because of this program, it has paid for itself!

I scored a huge appointment today since I’ve got all these great new bootcamp sales tactics.
— Ellie Day, Chicago, IL
Jane Hamill’s class for designers is the smartest money I ever spent.
— A comment left on YouTube
I love Jane’s teaching style! The handouts are great, I can see that a lot of thought went into them. The New Designer Online Classroom is perfect for a beginner like me to start probing the information that’s needed to focus.
— Miriam Palmer, San Francisco
Jane’s teaching is very useful with a lot of information and common sense. I wish teachers in school and seminars could explain things in a similar way…thank you Jane!
— Monika Francikova, Ontario, Canada

Here’s a sample of one of the scripts you will get:

Scenario #1

You walk into a shop

Amy is shop owner

Jane walks in the store. “Hi! Are you the buyer?”

Amy: “May I ask why you’re asking? Do you have an appointment?” — buyer’s already on the defensive, thinking “maybe I am the owner, maybe I’m not”.

Jane: “Uhmmm no, I was just wondering…”

Amy: “Because if you don’t have an appointment…”

Ooops — this will get you off on the wrong foot. Let’s do it another way.

Scenario #2

Let’s try it again. JH walks into the store

Amy drinking coffee, 50 pieces of mail on desk, looks busy…

Jane: I walk in and just start to look around. I am looking around to see if the store’s a good fit for my product and to not be aggressive in my approach.

Amy: Hi, barely looks up

Jane: takes a look around still

Amy: “May I help you find something?

Jane: “Thanks, Actually I’m…

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