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Q. Do you sell resources? Re; fabrics, vendors, factories? 

A. No. We don't sell resources. We are not a directory or a sourcing company, we are a design, development and production company therefore we handle the complete product cycle for our customers, and we operate as their production department/manager. We have a wide network of resources that we work with and depends on the product needs we either use them or source more (if needed) and we work with these resources on your behalf. You as the customer have us as your one point of contact - us, rather than needing to deal with, coordinate or mange all the resources, 

Q. what type of product can you develop/produce?

A. We can develop any type of garment for women's, men's and children's, at different price points as well as accessories (bags, belts etc.). We work with different factories and each specializes in a product category and market. Therefore we can produce anything from evening wear and bridal to casual wear, active/performance wear swimwear, underwear and more. We work with contemporary sizes as well as plus size and petite.

Q. I am looking to start a fashion brand, how can you help me? 

A. We love working with start-ups and we are aware of the challenges that they face, therefore in order to best serve you and suggest the best ways to help your business we would first like to learn more about your product, concept and business needs and will then be able to suggest the best ways to move forward. Please complete this questionnaire and let us review and get back to you. If you are green to the industry we would highly recommend for you to start here first. 

Q. I am not located in the New York area, can I still work with you?

A. Absolutely. We work with customers from all around the US as well as other countries. Nowadays technology allows us to keep great communication and provide the same level of service whether you are located in our area or not.

Q. I have patterns developed already, can we hire only your production services?

A. This depends on your patterns. We normally prefer to handle the complete product cycle because it makes the production process a lot easier and faster and helps us provide the best quality. Different pattern makers and sample makers do things differently, and many times they can make a great product for samples but not be production ready. Production is a different process from sampling and many parts that can be done when making only one sample will not be scalable for producing bulk. Our development process keeps production in mind, we develop the samples with the factories that will then produce the bulk order therefore we can minimize production issue and deliver the quality that our customers require. This can be challenging when producing using a pattern that was not done by us. However, we can still work with the pattern but will require to check the pattern and make a sample (at full sample cost) first to to make sure there are no issues for production.   


A. we develop ALL PRODUCTS IN NEW YORK regardless of where production takes place.

Q. Do you produce domestically or offshore?

A. We have the network, capacity and resources to produce both domestically and offshore. This will depend on the product, price point, your business concept etc. Although our priority is to produce domestically there are certain type of products that are very hard (and many times impossible) to produce domestically since the resources (skills, machinery, materials etc.) and cost are not available in the domestic market.

Q. Do you require a minimum for production?

A. Yes, there is a minimum for production both for domestic and offshore. The minimum can range from 100 units for domestic production and 500-1000 for offshore. Both are very low minimums to start with.The final minimum will depend on the product.

Q. why do you have minimums for production?

A.  Producing 20 units or 200 units of a style requires the same set-up time and process therefore it becomes not cost effective for the factories and the brand to produce less than the minimum.  

Q. Do you require a minimum for development?

A. Yes. Normally we require a minimum of 2 styles for development. 

Q. Do you own your own factories?

A. No. But we work with factories that where handpicked by us and that we have years of working relationships with. Therefore these factories are committed to our products and our customers.

Q. Do you work with start-up fashion brands or only existing brands?

A. We work with both existing/established fashion brands and start-ups brands. We have services and resources that are tailored for both. To learn how we can help your business, please complete this questionnaire if you are a start-up and this questionnaire if you are already in business

Q. DO you require to sign a contract?

A. We require to sign service and terms agreement for development.

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