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Developing and producing fashion products is a complex and risky process.

Just like a puzzle, it involves many different steps and parts that must come together perfectly for your business to stand out and flourish.

Yet, having the right partners and supply chain that you can count on to address the specific needs of your fashion brand is hard to find.

HUMAN B was founded to address that.

Our mission is to provide small to medium-sized fashion brands with a peace of mind from product development and production worries so they can focus on building and growing their fashion brand.

We are a full-service design, development and manufacturing agency with over 20 years of expertise in product development and global sourcing.

Our team of experts along with our extensive sourcing capabilities both in the USA and worldwide can handle various product categories, different price points, and low minimums while delivering consistent results.

When outsourcing their product services to Human B, fashion brands will not only have a piece of mind but also improve their bottom line by lowering their operating cost, improving their time to market and being more agile and responsive to the market needs.

Whether you are an early stage fashion brand or already in business, we will help you build a successful fashion business!

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to providing the extra attention, time and care that your business needs so you can BE CREATIVE & BE PROFITABLE!

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Boaz David,  
Founder of Human B.


Boaz is a fashion designer with over 20 years of industry experience in the fashion industry where he established himself as an expert in product development and production. Boaz was responsible for setting up, restructuring and directing design and production departments for highly acclaimed brands such as Yigal AzrouelNili LotanAlice & Trixie, and Raven among others, including his own namesake women’s brand which was sold in high-end specialty stores throughout the US and around the world. Recently through Human B. Boaz was instrumental in launching the highly buzzed about brands: Pret A SurfDaniel VosovicAlvin Valley and Adeam.

As the owner and president of Human B. Boaz combines his design background, technical expertise and all around business and management experience to analyze and identify client’s needs and determine the best strategies to accomplish their creative and business goals. 

Boaz is also the co-founder of MoodU's fashion business platform where he teaches the next generation of fashion brands about the business of fashion.

Born In: Haifa, Israel

What made me go into the fashion industry? I couldn't find clothes that I liked so I wanted to learn how to make them myself.

Makes me happy:  My Son, Sun, Football (soccer), Music, Chocolate and Making a difference in people's lives (inspiring them).

Favorite color: Purple, Green

Biggest inspiration:  My grandfather and my wife 

If I wasn't in fashion I would be…..a therapist or a life coach

Osmery Guerra (Ozzy),  
Product Development & Production Manager

Born In: NOO YAWK CITY!!! 

What made me go into the fashion industry? When I was a kid, I was always curious on how garments was made and the process of it. My fraternal grandmother always made dresses for my sisters and I, so that also sparked interest on me being part of the industry. Just the idea of seeing a design, the development process and getting produced to its final product always gets me excited.

Makes me happy:  Food makes me really happy… and chocolate as well…

Favorite color:  Green!

Biggest inspiration:  I would have to say my family. My parents were raised in the country side of the Dom. Rep., so they had to work really hard just to provide a better future for my siblings and I, and giving us that work ethic for us to thrive on what we want in our future.

If I wasn't in fashion I would be….. probably would  have a degree in either mathematics or history, get a master, a teaching degree/certificate and teach at a random college… My dad would be (extra-extra) proud. Hahahaha!


Kyuri Choi (Q),  
Designer / Product Development Manager

Born In: South Korea

What made me go into the fashion industry? Actually, I decided to attend school for fashion design on a whim one day during senior year of high school. At the time, I didn’t really have a clue of what I wanted to do apart from wanting to be in a creative field. And to everyone’s surprise (even myself) I actually ended up enjoying fashion more as I attended college.

Makes me happy:  Family, friends, all the little things in life. Also, oversized clothing.

Favorite color: A very specific shade of pink

Biggest inspiration: Mom and Pops.

If I wasn't in fashion I would be …..Graphic design, I have high respect for graphic designers.

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