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Bringing to market a successful fashion line is no simple task. 

Having a talent and/or having a great concept are only the first steps. Turning them into a successful business takes a lot more than that. 

Therefore, If you are new to industry you need someone who will show you how to do it. Someone who will introduce you to the industry, show you the ropes, help you put all the pieces together, create a plan for you to follow and hold your hand while you executing it.

This is where we come in!

We helped hundreds of fashion entrepreneurs launch their fashion brands successfully and we can do the same for you!

Our secret to doing it lies in our approach. We believe in putting the work to define your business aspects and set a plan in place prior to jumping in. Helping you get the clarity that will help you avoid crucial start-up mistakes while setting up mile stones and measurable expectations. 

Before you start to work on your product, you MUST make sure that it is lined up with your business concept, goals and vision, otherwise it will be an expensive experiment that can cost you your business. 

This program is where we start. 

In this program our team of experts will work with you one on one to help you define all the pieces and provide you with the tools to kick start your business like a pro! 

This program include 2 phases and estimated to take on average 8 weeks to complete. Progress and completion times will depend on size of the project, availability of details and respond time from the brand. (depending on on the specific of the brand). 

Nice job setting expectation for the business side of the industry. Very informative and nice spreadsheets.
— Shannon Bates
I am so grateful to find resources out there that give a realistic picture of what is involved in launching a successful line
— Beth Drummond, Sweet Pea and Lily
Working with Boaz has been instrumental in developing my product line. I had been spinning my wheels for months trying to find the right places for sourcing and producing my line. He is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry and savvy in NYC’s garment district. He was proficient in helping me with sourcing, costing and finding the best pattern maker and a factory to make my product. I am so pleased with the progress of my line and feel fortunate to be working with Boaz.
— Erin Cormier, Paxton1345 Boxers
Many thanks again for all the help, support and words of encouragement, as I said before, best and most sensible thing I’ve done with this business is to engage with you!
— Sophie Burkart, SoffiaB
I first started working with Boaz around Fall 2013 when I was at the very beginning of building my fashion brand. Having zero experience in the industry meant I was totally lost, overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. It was time to find some help. I discovered Human B consulting online, saw he had an impressive background of working with startups as well as reputable brands and thought I should give him a try. Sure enough my first consulting session proved to be so helpful I really couldn’t have been more pleased. The most valuable aspect of his services is that he doesn’t just guide you towards where you should be going, but he tells you HOW to get there. He gets into all the specific details (and there are many) that you really need help with when you are a new designer. I’ve worked with a few different consultants throughout my journey so far and Boaz has definitely been the most helpful and by far.
— Kate Wood, MinkaBinx

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