Costing Session

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Calculator and costing budget.jpg

Costing Session


Need Help With Your Product Costing And Pricing Strategy For Your Line?

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Costing your product correctly is the most important aspect of your fashion business. As a manufacture there are many components as well as the labor cost that have to be counted correctly to determine your selling price. It is crucial that your product will have enough margins to be PROFITABLE (especially at the start-up phase). This costing and pricing  package session include:

  • Cost Sheet form –  Easy to use, customizable excel sheet template with built in formulas where all you'll need to do is entering the cost of the different components and the form will automatically calculate the total cost, margins, suggested wholesale price and suggested retail price.
  • One on one private session – Personal training on how to use the cost sheet form as well as going over your specific product cost and developing a price strategy for your fashion business.

You will walk away from this session with a very clear idea of how to the production of your product, as well as what should be your wholesale and retail prices, what is your mark-up at start-up and how to improve it as your business grows.

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Consulting sessions are 55 Minutes long and can be conducted in person at our office, by phone or via Skype.