Fashion Brand Kick-start Package


Fashion Brand Kick-start Package


Bringing to market a successful fashion line is no simple task. 

Having a talent and/or having a great concept are only the first steps. Turning them into a successful business takes a lot more than that. 

Therefore, If you are new to industry you need someone who will show you how to do it. Someone who will introduce you to industry, show you the ropes, help you put all the pieces together, create a plan for you to follow and hold your hand while you executing it.

This is where we come in with this program that will kick start your fashion brand in style!

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Fashion Brand Kick-start Package

Phase One

In this first phase we would get clarity on the brand's concept, market value and goals, identify opportunities and setting up expectations. This phase includes an in depth questionnaire, brand interview, basic competitive analysis and market research.

This phase includes:

·       Start up questionnaire and in-depth interview

·       Review of Brand's concept and goals

·       Review market positioning

·       Review the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the product/brand

·       Review of product categories

·       Review price points and feasibility of the products (creating 2 demo cost sheets + breakeven point)

·       Review of development and production options (domestic, offshore etc.)

·       Review of market positioningand brand's competition

·       Review of 2 and 5 years plan for the brand

·       Review of start-up budget and Cash flow

·       Review of sales and marketing plans

·       Review of branding re: logo, website etc.

·       Review of business model (methods of production, distribution, margins)


Phase Two

In this second phase we will refine and define the value of the brand, its concept and product selection, and will map out a strategy plan.

This phase includes:

·       Defining the aesthetics of the line

·       Defining product category and size of the line

·       Defining the number of seasons per year

·       Establishing the fit (specs, fit model) and size range etc.

·       Mockup of a business calendar (development + production)

·       Deciding on first season to launch

·       Creating a development and production budget

·       Deciding on development and production location

Program time line:

The program takes on average 8 weeks to complete. Progress and completion times will depend on size of the project, availability of details and respond time from the brand.