Business Plan Consulting Program


I am a fashion designer, why do I need a business plan? 

If we had a dime for every time we heard that sentence....

Here is the reality, because you are a designer and your strongest focus is creativity you should absolutely and without a doubt write a business plan for your fashion business...and do it BEFORE you start to spend money on it!

Unless off course, you are not serious about your business. 

If you are serious about it, than creating a business plan is key for the success of your fashion business! Because without one you will find yourself throwing mud on the wall with the hope that some will stick... 

A business plan is where you define your business mission, vision and goals and your business financial plan!

This is where you create a step by step action plan to execute your business goals and clarify your business concept. Re; decide on product selection, define your target customer, strategize where and how to find your customers, estimate how much all of that will cost and when will the business become profitable.

Finding the answers to all these points and others before you start your business will save you time, money and eliminate crucial mistakes.

This is a one on one program for emerging brands and start up fashion companies to help you get clarity on your goals and help you create a plan to execute them.

The program is lead by 2 fashion industry veterans: Maria Pesin and Boaz David.

It includes 6 individual sessions with assignments in between sessions, and is scheduled to take 8 weeks.

Your investment: $1800 

For more info watch this presentation or simply click below to sign up.

The difference this program made in my business is monumental. Prior to the consulting sessions, I was very confused about my potential customer, my positioning, timing of when to launch, and my initial line plan. After the consulting sessions, I’m much more clear on my business and now see it as a real business that I’m preparing to launch.
— Christine Kim
The process of creating a solid business plan was time consuming and at times frustrating. But Maria and Boaz graciously marched me through it systematically, clearly, and with the utmost patience and humor. Well worth the time and effort, and I can’t imagine anyone choosing to move forward with a design project without participating in this phase. Maria and Boaz, well done! Just keep doing what you are doing.
— Karen Gregory, Anne Mitchell LTD
The business timeline really helped. ”Assignments” were great—helped keep me accountable to have a deadline. I had never fully understood the importance of having an ideal customer—which seems so obvious now!
— Lizzie Cook, Fenton Fox
The one on one attention is great for keeping me on track & keeping me accountable. Both Boaz and Maria raised great points when discussing every step along the way & offered valuable advice. Before, I was like a chicken with my head cut off not knowing which aspect of the business to tackle first. Having this consulting has given me clear direction and solid steps to take. I believe this is laying a solid foundation for my next steps.
— Amber Isaac, Violet + Lily
The calls worked great…knowing I was answerable to someone gave me a deadline to work with and kept me on track. Also every time I talked with Boaz or Maria I felt motivated with a new energy to keep working on my line.
— Simran Rihal
Having a solid vision of who my customer is, who my competitors are, and what my price points should be will serve me well when I design and develop each coat allowing me to make more focused choices and eliminate as many missteps as possible
— Karen Gregory, Anne Mitchell LTD
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