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HUMAN B Services

Human B is a Design, Development and Production agency for the fashion industry. We provide start to finsih supply chain solutions for fashion brands of all levels.

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Design & Development Services

Bringing to market a successful fashion line is no simple task. 

We can help you to turn your concept into a your dream product! 

Developing a sketch into a finished product can be long, expensive and frustrating. The success of the process is a combination of interrelated factors, but mainly relies on having the right professionals work on your product. 

At Human B, we have a range of specialized pattern makers and sample rooms to insure your product is being developed by a specialist in your product category.

Our team specializes in womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, swimwear, performance/active wear, lingerie, accessories and handbags.

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Production Services

Don't have the time or the know how to mange your production?

We will manage your production for you, start to finish.

We've been producing fashion products for over 20 years, and our strategic planning, proven methods, constant communication and hands-on approach will guarantee a seamless production from start to finish.

We have established relationships with production facilities both domestic and overseas who can handle scalble and complex product lines.

The quality of your production can mark the difference between losing money and turning a profit.

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Consulting Services

Do you feel like the lack of clarity is holding back your fashion business success?

Often, a new pair of experienced eyes can shed valuable insight into why you are not achieving your goals.

At Human B we have successfully mentored fashion brands in all stages of their entrepreneurial life cycles.

From the earliest planning stages to complex, seven figure turnarounds, we can assist you in deploying proven methodologies that will assure you the maximum return on your investment.

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Not sure which service is right for you? 

We can guide you. Please complete this quick Designer's Questionnaire (as best you can). We will review it and recommend the right services and next steps for you to take.

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