fashion business startup kit

You’ve probably got a thousand questions in your mind…

Is my idea feasible?
How much money will I need?
Can I make a living with this or it it just a dream?

Before you take another step, you need to get thoughtful answers to these and many more questions.

Listen carefully.

Don’t quit your day job and risk everything just to chase your fashion dreams… at least not yet

First, let us help you find the clarity about your idea in a safe and well organized manner.

You must take baby steps before you try to run a marathon.

This short course is not designed to answer every question you may have.

But it will answer all the big and important questions that you MUST answer before starting a fashion business!

Our fashion business startup kit is a tool that will help you get clarity about your fashion business idea, concept and vision. 

It will help you find reliable answers to the essential questions:

Is my idea feasible?
How much money will i need?
What is my USP (unique selling proposition) of my brand?
Where will my brand be positioned in the market?
Who is this for? 

The Fashion Business Startup Kit is for fashion designers and entrepreneurs who are looking to start a fashion business but are new to the industry and the process.

The course includes a simple spreadsheet of questions and videos that explain how to best answer them.
It also includes:

  • An example market analysis sheet
  • Our complete Fashion Business Roadmap infographic
  • BONUS - Free Budget sheets (Value $25).

And the best part...... all Of that for just $19.99!