Cost Sheet Form- NEW VERSION!

Cost Sheet
Cost sheet form template 2019 - Line view.jpg
Cost Sheet
Cost sheet form template 2019 - Line view.jpg

Cost Sheet Form- NEW VERSION!


Costing and pricing your product correctly is crucial for having a profitable business!  

If you get this part wrong, you will be out of business.

This is an updated version of our most popular form.

This new and improved version includes the following new additions:

  • The option to create 3 different costing scenarios for every style.

  • A new worksheet where you can view the costs of ALL your products in one page and choose 5 different markup scenarios for ech style so you can have a bird's eye view of all your styles so you can price your line right for your target customer and market positioning without jeopardizing your profit.

  • Instructions Videos - 2 detailed videos explaining in steps how to work and use the cost sheet plus some extra costing and pricing tips.

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This is an easy to use excel sheet with formulas built in that you can use on your computer.

All you need is to plug in all your components, choose mark up scenarios (you can choose up to 3 scenarios) and it will automatically calculate your wholesale and retail prices as well as your gross margins.

If you are a new fashion brand/designer and you need to cost and/or price your products this is the perfect tool for you!

Watch the videos below to learn more about this cost sheet, what is included and how to work with it


Cost Sheet Form Introduction Video


Cost Sheet Instructions Video


Need some one on one help with costing and pricing your products? Click here to book a private one on one costing consulting.

This item will be available to download immediately after purchased. Note that they will expire within 24 hours of your first access.

** These forms are not refundable.

“I'd also like to say that after taking other webinars and workshops with fashion industry experts, you are the first person to make costing understandable (and less intimidating) and to be innovative and offer a cost sheet with formulas included.  I would strongly recommend your webinar as the go-to for understanding costing.” Ellen Ulrich