Cost Sheet Form

Cost sheet form template -2013.jpg
Cost sheet form template -2013.jpg

Cost Sheet Form


Costing and pricing your product correctly is crucial for the success of your business!  

If you get this part wrong, you will be out of business.

This is our most popular item! 

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This is an easy to use excel sheet with formulas built in that you can use on your computer. Once you plug in all your components it will automatically calculate your wholesale and retail prices (you have the option to choose your own mark-up settings) and your gross margins which will SAVE you lots of TIME!

Need help with your costing? Click here to book a private one on one costing consulting or sign up here for our online costing workshop). 

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This item will be available to download immediately after purchased. Note that they will expire within 24 hours of your first access.

** These forms are not refundable.

“I'd also like to say that after taking other webinars and workshops with fashion industry experts, you are the first person to make costing understandable (and less intimidating) and to be innovative and offer a cost sheet with formulas included.  I would strongly recommend your webinar as the go-to for understanding costing.” Ellen Ulrich