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financE bootcamp for fashion brands 

financE bootcamp for fashion brands



Every day we see awesome, talented designers squander their investors’ money (or their life savings) because they screw up the nuts and bolts and go out of business.

Having a great design, and an eye for trend and talent is essential but far from sufficient without the business side of things.

Without the financial planning your brand is a hobby not a business!

My job is to help you avoid the thousands of pitfalls that so often swallow the illusions of truly creative people like yourself.


Because I’ve walked in your shoes and I’ve done this before many times for other successful brands and for myself.

So, If You Think That It’s Time To Make A Living From Something You Love,
This Workshop's For You!

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to determine if your business concept is financially feasible
  • How to calculate your start-up cost and your monthly ongoing expenses, so you will know how much capital you will need to raise.
  • At what stage will your business become profitable, your break-even point.
  • How to cost and price your fashion product
  • What should be your mark-up in order to be profitable.
  • How to calculate and plan your business cash flow.
  • How to manage inventory.
  • Ways of sponsoring your inventory.

The workshop includes 3 one hour long sessions with live Q+A at the end of each session:

Class 1: In this first session I will show you how to determine if your business concept is feasible, how to calculate your start-up cost and ongoing monthly expenses as well as the nuts and bolts of financial planning.

Class 2: In this second session I will walk you through all the ins and outs of costing and pricing your product in order to be profitable, and will share inside tips, formulas, and strategies for correct costing. I will also teach you how to calculate your breakeven point which is the point where your business becomes profitable.

Class 3: In this third session I will show how to calculate your cash flow, and set up a financial plan that will last you through the first 2 years of starting out. I will also share with you X ways of sponsoring your inventory (business???).

**BONUS: Also included with this workshop:

FREE cost sheet template form ($25value)
FREE Budget sheets forms which will help you calculating your start-up and ongoing expenses ($25 value)
FREE Cash Flow sheet which will help you calculate your cash flow for the first 2 years in business. ($25 value)

A total value of $75 of forms that will not only SAVE you TIME, and MONEY but will also help you build a strong financial plan for your business so it will be profitable.

**Additionally, included with this class are the PDF of the class presentations as well as the transcripts of each class.

The bootcamp was worth every dollar and every minute.
— Stella Emeka-Okoli, Eslikiddies
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