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Apparel Manufacturing

Apparel Production & manufacturing services


Apparel production

Want to avoid production worries and increase your bottom line?

Can’t find trust worthy suppliers and factories who can deliver consistent results?

Need an overhaul of your supply chain but don’t know how and where to start?

What if you could hand over ALL THIS HEADACHE to a team of experts to handle it so you can focus on building your business?

Working with an experienced production team can make a frustrating, time consuming and expensive production process simple, easy and profitable.

We've been producing fashion products for over 20 years. Our strategic planning, proven methods, constant communication and hands-on approach result in a seamless production. 

Product categories that we produce include women’s wear, menswear, children’s wear, swimwear, performance/active wear, lingerie, handbags and home products.

We have a wide network of factories that we work with both domestically and offshore (DR, India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh) and who can produce a wide range of product categories at different price points and with low MOQ.

Made in NY

For domestic production we can accommodate a low minimum of 75 units per style and a very fast turn around time.

For offshore production we can accommodate a low minimum of 500 units per style.

Our production services include:

  • Pre-production, garment fit and construction: finalizing fit and patterns, grading & marking

  • Sourcing and ordering materials: fabrics, trim, embellishments etc.

  • Sourcing and overseeing production: printing, dying, washing, cutting, sewing contractors etc.

  • Quality control and packaging

  • Distribution/warehousing and shipping

  • Invoices and inventory managmnet

Scroll below to see the different product categories that we cover. 


Not sure what your next step should be? We can guide you.

Please complete this quick Designer's Questionnaire (as best you can), and once we review it we'll recommend the right services and next steps for you to take.

Working with Boaz has been instrumental in developing my product line. I had been spinning my wheels for months trying to find the right places for sourcing and producing my line. He is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry and savvy in NYC’s garment district. He was proficient in helping me with sourcing, costing and finding the best pattern maker and a factory to make my product. I am so pleased with the progress of my line and feel fortunate to be working with Boaz.
— Erin Cormier, Paxton1345
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