Fashion design & Business Consulting

Starting a fashion brand and need clarity on the feasibility of your idea? 

Need a better understanding on the development and production process? 

We offer one on one consulting to help you with all your specific fashion business needs.  

Need help deciding which of the above will best fit your needs? We can help guide you. Please complete this quick Designer's Questionnaire to the best of your ability and once we review it we will recommend the right services and next steps for you to take. 

Single consulting sessions:

Our single consulting sessions cover, but not limited to, the following subjects: 

  • Fashion business consulting for START-UPS and emerging designers: how to start and build a successful fashion line, what are the first steps, what do you need to have, industry overview etc.
  • Feasibility - can your idea turn into a successful business? 
  • Defining your target customer and your market positioning.
  • Concept and design directions: Defining your product's competitive edge? How big should your line be?  What product categories should you offer? 
  • Product development, fit and garment construction consulting: working with a pattern maker, size standards, grading, fabric and trim sourcing. 
  • Manufacturing consulting: how to find the right contractor, how to work with a sewing contractor, deciding on overseas vs. domestic production, production calendar & budget and more.
  • Business and finance consulting: developing strategic planning and global infrastructure, overall business and operating plan to integrate all the above, start-up cost, cash flow etc.
  • Sales strategies: choosing between wholesale and direct to customer, finding a sales rep etc.

We work with: womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, swimwear, performance/active wear, lingerie, accessories, jewelry, handbags, home.


Consulting sessions are 55 Minutes long and can be conducted in person at our office, by phone or via Skype.

We offer single sessions, as well as  three and  five sessions packages, or can create a  monthly package catered to your needs. 

Single Consulting Session with Boaz David
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Once you are signed up we’ll email you a confirmation with a quick questionnaire that will help us get a head start on your session. We will need the answers emailed back to us at least 24 hour prior to your session..

Consulting Packages
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Boaz, Thank you so much for all your sound advice and suggestions! I really appreciate walking through the operational process with me and hammering out potential problems. You’re a true gem and are absolutely brilliant! I feel I can now move forward with this new sense of direction. Your thoughts and insight are invaluable. Thank you for an insider’s take on this mission, for your guidance and for streamlining my efforts.
— Grace Alignay, Designing Eye, LLC
Thank you so much for meeting with me. You have been most kind and helpful. I am so grateful that you are such an honest man. You make me think instead of only trying to get my business. I have only nice words to say of you to anyone who might need your service
— Helen Wong
I recently met with Boaz David for a one-session sourcing consultation, I am starting to produce swimwear in NYC, so I had many questions about fabrics, costs, and wholesale sources. I knew from the minute I walked in that he had thought about my business and had prepared thoroughly. He had learned about my top competitors and how I am positioning my swimwear. He had prepared a list of fabric sources to meet my specifications, and was able to talk me through likely costs and timelines. His manner is warm, direct, very encouraging and very professional. I left feeling very grateful and fortunate to have met Boaz. He has my strongest recommendation.
— Anne Byrnes, President, L.A.Byrnes Enterprises, Inc.

creating a business plan for your fashion brand

Creating a business plan is key for the success of your fashion business! Because without one you will find yourself throwing mud on the wall with the hope that some will stick... 

A business plan is where you define your business mission, vision and goals and create a step by step action plan to execute these goals! Re: clarify your business concept, decide on product selection, define your target customer, strategize where and how to find your customers, estimate how much all of that will cost and when will the business become profitable. Finding the answers to all these points and others before you start your business will save you time, money and eliminate crucial mistakes.

This is a one on one program for emerging brands and start up fashion companies that will help get clarity on you goals and help you create a plan to execute them

The is a program of 6 individual sessions with assignments in between sessions, and is scheduled to take 8 weeks.

Cost: $1800 

For more info watch this presentation or click below to sign up.

The difference this program made in my business is monumental. Prior to the consulting sessions, I was very confused about my potential customer, my positioning, timing of when to launch, and my initial line plan. After the consulting sessions, I’m much more clear on my business and now see it as a real business that I’m preparing to launch.
— Christine Kim
The process of creating a solid business plan was time consuming and at times frustrating. But Maria and Boaz graciously marched me through it systematically, clearly, and with the utmost patience and humor. Well worth the time and effort, and I can’t imagine anyone choosing to move forward with a design project without participating in this phase. Maria and Boaz, well done! Just keep doing what you are doing.
— Karen Gregory, Anne Mitchell LTD
The business timeline really helped. ”Assignments” were great—helped keep me accountable to have a deadline. I had never fully understood the importance of having an ideal customer—which seems so obvious now!
— Lizzie Cook, Fenton Fox
The one on one attention is great for keeping me on track & keeping me accountable. Both Boaz and Maria raised great points when discussing every step along the way & offered valuable advice. Before, I was like a chicken with my head cut off not knowing which aspect of the business to tackle first. Having this consulting has given me clear direction and solid steps to take. I believe this is laying a solid foundation for my next steps.
— Amber Isaac, Violet + Lily
The calls worked great…knowing I was answerable to someone gave me a deadline to work with and kept me on track. Also every time I talked with Boaz or Maria I felt motivated with a new energy to keep working on my line.
— Simran Rihal
Having a solid vision of who my customer is, who my competitors are, and what my price points should be will serve me well when I design and develop each coat allowing me to make more focused choices and eliminate as many missteps as possible.
— Karen Gregory, Anne Mitchell LTD

Private Costing Consulting

Need help with your product costing and pricing strategy for your line?

Costing your product correctly is the most important aspect of your fashion business. As a manufacture there are many components as well as the labor cost that have to be counted correctly to determine your selling price. It is crucial that your product will have enough margins to be PROFITABLE (especially at the start-up phase). This costing and pricing  package session include:

  • Cost Sheet form –  Easy to use, customizable excel sheet template with built in formulas where all you'll need to do is entering the cost of the different components and the form will automatically calculate the total cost, margins, suggested wholesale price and suggested retail price.
  • One on one private session – Personal training on how to use the cost sheet form as well as going over your specific product cost and developing a price strategy for your fashion business.

You will walk away from this session with a very clear idea of how to calculate the cost of your product, as well as what should be your wholesale and retail prices, what is your mark-up at start-up and how to improve it as your business grows.

Cost:  $249.

Let's get started:

Costing Session
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Once you are signed up we will email you a confirmation with a quick questionnaire that will help us get a head start on your session. We will need the answers emailed back to us at least 24 hour prior to your session.

Consulting sessions are 55 Minutes long and can be conducted in person at our office, by phone or via Skype. 

I’d also like to say that after taking other webinars and workshops with fashion industry experts, you are the first person to make costing understandable (and less intimidating) and to be innovative and offer a cost sheet with formulas included. I would strongly recommend your webinar as the go-to for understanding costing
— Ellen Ulrich

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