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design & DEVELOPMENT Services 


Have an idea for a fashion product but need help developing it? 

Need help with designing your fashion line?

Struggling with the fit and construction of your product? 

Congratulations! You are in the right place! 

Our professional team can help you to turn your concept into a viable product! 

Developing a sketch into a finished product can be long, expensive and frustrating. The success of the process depends on a combination of different factors, but mostly on having  the right professionals work on your product!  We work with a range of specialized pattern makers and sample rooms to insure that your product is being developed by a specialist in your product category.

We work with: womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, swimwear, performance/active wear, lingerie, accessories, jewelry, handbags and home products.


Our biggest value is not only that we take you all the way to having a produced product ready to ship but consult and guide you on the business end. A one stop shop for all your product needs so you can focus on selling and building your business.

By outsourcing design, development and production services to Human B,  fashion companies are able to lower their operating cost by an average of 20-30% and expend their product offerings.

Our design and development services include but not limited to:

  • Product development consulting (construction, costing, etc.)
  • Design Services (Fashion product, cads, textile, printing etc.)
  • Sourcing (fabrics, trim, etc.)
  • Creating tech-packs
  • Pattern making services
  • Sample making services (fit and SMS)
  • Apparel fittings


How does our development process work?

To simply the process we offer development packages for both domestic and offshore development as below:

For development with offshore factories:

First Sample Development Package:

  • Creating a Tech pack
  • Fabric & trim sourcing
  • First fit sample
  • Fitting of fit sample (with pattern maker present)
  • Revising of tech pack (after fitting of fit sample)
  • Second sample


Second Sample Package Includes:

  • Fitting of first sample (with pattern maker present)
  • Revising of tech pack (after fitting of fit sample)
  • Sample
  • Fitting of latest sample (with pattern maker present)

For domestic development:

First Sample Development Package:

  • First pattern
  • Cut and sew muslin
  • Fitting of muslin (with pattern maker present)
  • Pattern corrections after the fitting of muslin
  • Cut and sew of first sample


Second Sample Development Package:

  • Fitting of first sample (with pattern maker present)
  • Pattern corrections
  • Cut and sew sample
  • Fitting for second sample (with pattern maker present)

For our price list please contact us here.


Have more questions about our services and how we work? Click here to read our FAQ for more info.

Not sure what your next step should be? Let us guide you.

Please complete this quick Designer's Questionnaire (as best you can), and once we review it, we will recommend the right services and next steps for you to take.

Working with Boaz has been instrumental in developing my product line. I had been spinning my wheels for months trying to find the right places for sourcing and producing my line. He is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry and savvy in NYC’s garment district. He was proficient in helping me with sourcing, costing and finding the best pattern maker and a factory to make my product. I am so pleased with the progress of my line and feel fortunate to be working with Boaz.
— Erin Cormier, Paxton1345
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