The Biggest Investment in Your Fashion Brand!

Having a fashion business requires investments, many of them. Money, time, resources etc. these investments can be expensive and you never really know what the actual ROI would be. But the biggest investment that you can make will actually cost you nothing and the ROI is GUARANTIED! I’m referring to the investment in YOUR CUSTOMER!


As creative people, many times designers get caught up in their need to focus on…..themselves – their vision, their creativity, their dreams, their…. rather than thinking about the most valuable person to their business – Their customer. Let’s face it, having customers who buy your product is what will sponsor your business and make it a business rather than a hobby.

Here are 3 cheap (sometimes even free), and super easy ways that you can invest in your customer:

  • Design for your customer’s needs – Always think about when, where and how your customer will wear your product and design for that….in other words think of how it will benefit them to buy your product! When you’re choosing a design detail that looks “cool” but is uncomfortable to wear you give your customer a reason NOT to buy your product, but when you choose a detail that solves a need for your customer you give them a reason TO BUY your product. You invest in them=they will pay back and buy from you!
  • Information – educate your customers, for example about your product: tips on how to wear, how to clean it, preserve it and anything else related. Provide them info about the market, other complimentary things to wear and use with your product, maybe style tips…i think you get the idea, right? Providing such valuable information to your customers will increase the value of your product, who doesn't like helpful information (especially for free)??? And the great thing is that today it even easier since you can share info on your website, blog and other social media.
  • Customer service – It does pay to be nice! Good customer service will let your customers know that you care for them and appreciate their business. Making their buying experience easy and enjoyable shouldn't cost you anything but will make them feel special which they will pay you back for with customer loyalty and return sales.

Be interested NOT interesting  - in other words focus on your customer rather than you! This is a  strategic investment that will pay off in many ways, not only that they become your customers but down the road they will be your PR team….actually your BEST PR team, because the best PR is when your customers rave about your product!