A Small Win is Still a WIN

The new year is just around the corner and If you are like me than you most likely in the process of (or about to) reflecting on this last year’s achievements while setting up your new year’s resolutions.
For many years now I would have my yearly resolutions mapped out before the start of a year but it never really worked. It's only in these last 4 years that the process became fruitful with measurable results that helped improve my personal life and grow my business. So what made the difference you’re asking??? How can you do the same?
Two main points made it all different for me:

  1. Accountability and follow up - Going into 2010 i mapped out my goals and resolutions using a simple excel sheet. Than every month or so i would go back over the list, document what was done for each of these resolutions and adjust them accordingly. Keeping my finger on the pulse made me accountable for my actions and helped me track my progress so i could focus on what’s working, and adjust (or drop) the things that didn't work. As a result i became much more efficient with my actions and time, making life more enjoyable. I finally felt that I’m living the dream and i wanted more of it…..
  2. Small steps, a small win is still a WIN – Previously after finishing my resolutions list it would go into a drawer and stay there till the end of the year, in which than i would look at it and notice things i wanted to do but forgot about and others that i just didn't do enough about – i would constantly feel underachieved and disappointed! Following up on my list and documenting my actions made me notice the small achievements that i was making every month, these small wins started to add up and down the road became bigger wins. After realizing (and accepting) that in order to run a marathon i will first need to complete smaller races and that small win is still a win, made me change my approach and focus on getting small wins first. The challenges i faced became smaller and much more achievable, and every win made me feel more achieved and much more confident, motivating to do more!

Over the last 4 years my business expended from being a one man working from home into a company! Human B is currently  team of 5 (great) individuals with our own office in NYC’s garment center. Over the last year we expanded our sourcing, development and production capabilities (including having our in house pattern maker), allowing us  to help more designers like you achieve their business dreams. We launched our “Academy” with a first full day workshop last month and more to come in the next year, and i personally have more time to work privately with designers as well as exploring more collaborations and developing the business win by win towards my long term vision!
Here are 3 easy steps that you can do NOW in order  to get more out of your life in the coming year:

  1. Write down your “big” long term goals for the year.
  2. Map out the smaller steps/actions that you can take in the next month towards these goals (be realistic).
  3. Revisit the list on January 31st, document your achievements (don’t forget to credit yourself for the work), adjust your goals accordingly and set the steps for the following month. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the moment!

Now go ahead and do the same, turn your “vision” list into an “action” list!
I wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and a successful, prosperous and healthy New Year!
Thank you for your business and your support, we highly appreciate it!

Let’s make 2014 one to remember!