How to Guarantee Brand Growth in Today’s Retail? The Commerce Ecosystem.

How to Guarantee Brand Growth in Today’s Retail? The Commerce Ecosystem.

Retail is going through one of its most disruptive periods with pressures coming from all corners. This disruption provides new opportunities and a window into where you can go next with your fashion brand to transform your business into a retail powerhouse. Now is the time for brands to adapt to a customer-led environment by sharpening their technological capabilities so they can prosper in this new environment.

Do You Know Your Customer?

Do You Know Your Customer?

...Like really know your customer!

Not what you think, wish or hope that they would be like, and not just the high-level details of their age, income level, and location but the specifics of their character, habits, likes and dislikes, priorities, what a day in their life looks like and more as if they were your best friend or a close family member that you know very well.

In fact, when you start a brand (or any business for that matter) the first question you should answer is WHO AM I SELLING TO?

4 Misconceptions About Launching a Fashion Kickstarter

4 Misconceptions About Launching a Fashion Kickstarter

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs currently weighing your options about how to launch your company or a new collection, keep reading.

Today I want to go over four of the major misconceptions about launching a crowdfunding campaign.

MISCONCEPTION #1: Kickstarter = “donations.”

How to Implement Instagram Shoppable Posts

Last month I had a great webinar with MarketTap, if you missed that CLICK HERE to listen to the recording.

During the webinar the topic of shoppable Instagram posts was mentioned as a "Social Media Must Have" in 2018.

During the Q&A session that followed our webinar, a number of the audience’s questions

What Is The Right Price For My Fashion Product?

What Is The Right Price For My Fashion Product?

It's no news that pricing your product right will have a big impact on your sales.

But what is pricing it right means? 

This question can be even harder to answer if you are just starting your fashion brand. 

There are few ways to determine the right prices of your fashion products even at that stage. It requires some research, but It all comes down to defining your market positioning, your specific target customer and the value of your product for that customer.

5 Powerful Tips to Build Your Fashion Brand With Social Media

5  Powerful Tips to Build Your Fashion Brand With Social Media

There are 2 things I love about it:

Anybody can do it. 

There is no one way to do it which means anyone can do it their way.

Not to mention that its either free or at least can be affordable for any budget.

That is the beauty of social media marketing! 

Should I Sell My Fashion Product On My Website?

Should I Sell My Fashion Product On My Website?

The retail landscape is definitely changing.

Although there are different opinions as to where it's heading, the future is uncertain.
Retailers are struggling, department stores are closing doors or ....just don't pay designers on time.
Small brands are challenged to compete in a saturated market with low margins.

Are we looking at the end of Brick and Mortar?

8 points for a SUCCESSFUL trade show for your fashion brand

8 points for a SUCCESSFUL  trade show for your fashion brand

I have received some great feedback to my last post on should you or shouldn't you do a trade show as a start-up brand.

I heard from designers who had similar bad experiences to mine, others that are contemplating if they should do a show and others who decided not to do one after they ready my article.

Trade shows, Yes or No?

Trade shows, Yes or No?

I remember my first one.

I was about to launch my women’s line. 

The samples were ready, I had a great photo shoot done, I had the look book and line sheets ready and I even had a website (back than that was not a given).

I just needed to get into Coterie and the rest will be history....

How to Create A Line sheet That Sells

How to Create A  Line sheet That Sells

Everything that you do in your business should lead towards making a sell….that is off-course If you agree that the goal of your fashion business is to sell products.

If you are looking to sell wholesale, one of your main selling tools is going to be a GOOD Line sheet.


What Scenario Should You Cost Your Fashion Product For?

What Scenario Should You Cost Your Fashion Product For?

As a start-up fashion brand, costing your product for the first time is one of the most challenging parts of your fashion business.

When you source a factory you will have their costs for making both a small run of your product (i.e. 50 units) and a bigger run (i.e. 200+ units). For many designers, the first season is experimental and you might not know exactly how many orders you will get. So the big question is: Should you price your product based on the cost of a small run or the cost of a big run? 

What Should be Your Payment Terms?

What Should be Your Payment Terms?

Today's post is an answer for a designer's question about payment terms.
Janette Hanna asked Boaz:
Hello Boaz, I wanted to learn about a document/contract? for terms when taking orders from boutiques. I would like to show them a document with clear terms, ie pay 50% on order, 50% upon delivery. Are 50/50 terms used? J. Hamill says to charge the their credit card for remainder the day you send the order. Not when they receive the order. Needing clarification. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Fashion Brand?

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Fashion Brand?

Isn't that the million dollar question?

Unfortunately there isn’t one answer for that question. The answer depends on many aspects such as the product type, target market, price point, business concept, strategy etc.

3 Ways for Building Awareness to Your Fashion Brand

3  Ways for Building Awareness to Your Fashion Brand

This week Boaz was teaching a class at the Dg Expo show here in New York called - The 7 Points Checklist for Launching a Fashion Product. The 7th and last point on the list was Building awareness to your fashion brand - EARLY, before you even have something to sell.

How to Find A Niche for Your Fashion Brand.

When starting a fashion brand, thoroughly understanding your product, knowing who you’re selling to, and defining your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) are vital for the success of the brand. It sounds pretty obvious, right? Apparently not all businesses follow that.  

Niche business - a business targeting to a specific group of customers with a specific common shared interest, passion, or desire. 

Many new fashion brands don’t take the time to define their niche and end up spending their money and affords on the wrong targets. Starting a brand of dresses with interesting designs or with the

5 Tips For Selling Your Fashion Brand To Retailers

A guest post by Maria Pesin from Vibe Consulting

I know, I know, selling is scary.  Will the customer like your product?  Will you seem too pushy?  Will you not push enough?  What if they reject you?  How do you even start?  These are many of the questions my clients ask me.  The truth is selling is not as hard as you think.  Just like anything you do there is a process.  Following the process will help take the fear out of selling.  The more you do it the easier it becomes and the better you get at it.  As entrepreneurs we need to get over our fear because without sales there is no business.  Even if you hire great salespeople, business owners who involve themselves in sales have better results.  Buyers love when the owner cares enough about their business to interact with them.  Here are my 5 tips to selling your brand to store:

You Got Orders For Your Fashion Products, Now What?

Your selling season just ended, your got orders (hopefully more than what was projected), Congratulations! So what now? What should you do next?

This next preparation stage can help iron out and clean any possible issues before you commit to production. This is where you will need to consolidate all your orders, confirm them, make production decisions and start the pre-production phase.

Here is a detailed step by step on what you should do now:

Collecting - Collect all your orders, go through all the details on each one of them to make sure all the info on them is clear and complete. Many times orders are being 

What's Your Story?

This post is written by our branding consultant Maria Pesin from Vibe Consulting.

I was at a trade show one day shopping for product to sell in my shoe and accessory store.  Passing by a booth I saw belts that looked interesting.  The salesperson gave me the information about the belts and I was ready to leave.  Then the owner of the company came over and told me the story of the company and the belts.  The story was so compelling that I sat right down and wrote an order.

Stories have the power to inform and educate, entice and engage a customer. Stories can 

The Key Points for Building a Successful Fashion Business

I am currently reading the book Great By Choice. In this book the authors, business researchers: Jim Collins & Morten T. Hanson,  enumerate the principals for building a truly great enterprise in fast-moving times.

What are the key points for building a successful business? Is it innovation? Do you need to be a geniuses leader who can predict the future? Is it a question of money?.....Is there a secret that we should all know of?…… maybe it’s just pure luck after all???  

3 Fashion Business Tips Learned at The FFCNYC.

3 Fashion Business Tips Learned at The FFCNYC.

This is Jessie, I’m a production associate here at Human B.

This past weekend we attended the Freestyle Fashion Conference hosted by Open Source Fashion here in New York which brought out an inspiring group of industry professionals to talk about fashion and business. We spent the day attending and teaching workshop classes on subjects ranging from Pop-Up Shops to Data Driven Marketing Strategies.

I want to share a few stand-out moments from the classes for those of you who couldn't make it:

1.       “Think about your personal brand socially versus professionally”.  Across every industry, the