50 for 50!

Helping you avoid the thousands of pitfalls that can shatter your fashion business dreams.

That is my job!
And I love it!
However, as a result, in the majority of my content I usually address what mistakes to look out for, which doesn't leave much room to talk about the great things that our fashion industry has to offer.
After all, there is a reason why soooo many people want to be  part of this industry.

It can really be a lot of fun!
And can definitely be what you dreamed it to be.
Yes, It can be a luxurious business.
Yes, It can give you a lot of freedom.
Yes, It will keep you inspired 24/7
And yes, it will get you to meet a lot of fun and interesting people.
Knowing that, is why I hate seeing fashion designers who invested great time and money in starting their business but never made it to enjoy all these awesome things. 

Why didn't they make it?

Were they not talented enough? Talent was not something they were lacking.
Did they not work hard enough? Not only that they worked hard but in most cases they even worked around the clock.
Was the product not good enough? Although with some it might have been the case that is not the main reason.

There is one thing that most of them DID NOT do well and that cost them their business: they either had bad planning or worst than that, in many cases no planning at all!
You see, planning gives clarity, which is the opposite of uncertainty and the fuel that drives confidence!
And confidence leads to success.  
Now, since the other part of my job is to help you be the most successful fashion business owner that you can be, I have an offer for you.

But before I get to it let me ask you, If those designers that didn't make it would know that by building a strong financial plan for their business they would have increased their success rate by 50%, do you think they would put more effort into planning?

In an industry that 9 out of 10 brands fail, how crucial do you think it is to increase your success rate?

Would you put more effort into it knowing that? 

If you answered yes, than here comes my offer.

I will help you build a very strong financial plan for your fashion business by offering you a 50% discount on my Finance Bootcamp for Fashion Brands, and all you need to do in return is to increase your business success rate in 50% by taking this bootcamp.

Like i said 50 for 50!

Is that sound like a fair deal?  
If so than simply sign up below before July 4th and get my Finance Bootcamp for Fashion Start-Ups for ONLY $149 instead of the regular price of $299!