Branding vs Marketing

Branding vs Marketing

Many times they are used in the same sentence and referred to as the same thing...but are they the same?

Not in my opinion.

Don't get me wrong I think that marketing and branding are definitely related and feed each other but they are different in their purpose.

MARKETING is the action of actively promoting something. For example, a marketing campaign for your next product, season, etc.

BRANDING is the action of expressing what is the image/identity of a brand, product or business. What are their values, what do they stand for and what is their vision? For example, Apple which is branded as a lifestyle brand, one that is hip, fun, and on the cutting-edge of technology, this image, for example, is what we associate the apple logo with.

Branding is bigger than marketing and the product/service offered, it creates the association of the brand and the emotional connection to the brand. It's a consistent effort, a long-term investment that yields results over time, where marketing is specific actions with a direct and measurable ROI.

As I said, the two are related and feed each other where marketing will help with branding reinforcement, especially when it follows the brand's way of thinking and doing things, while branding will help to make marketing easier and more productive which means bigger return in the form of sales.

How to implement that into your business?

The first step for acting on both branding and marketing is for you to define and get clarity about the values of your brand and products - what is it that you stand for. This could be one of the following or a mix of these different aspects such as fit, quality, price, service, lifestyle, mission, solution etc.

Once you have this down, everything that comes out of your brand should be viewed through this glass, making sure that every product, piece of content, thought, action, policy and marketing promotion is communicating these same consistent values.

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