Do You Know Your Customer?

...I mean really know your customer!

Not what you think, wish or hope that they would be like, and not just the high-level details of their age, income level, and location but the specifics of their character, habits, likes and dislikes, priorities, what a day in their life looks like and more as if they were your best friend or a close family member that you know very well.

In fact, when you start a brand (or any business for that matter) the first question you should answer is WHO AM I SELLING TO?

And you'll know that you got the right answer when you'll be able to walk down the street and point out your ideal customer from a mile away.

I'm constantly shocked by how many brands (not only start-ups but established ones as well) do not know their customer.

In fact, in most cases, I see brands that design their products first and then try to figure out who to sell it to. THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE WRONG WAY of doing things!

You see, the "trick" for designing a product that sells is to design your product from the customer's point of view... NOT YOURS.

And when you'll do that, what will happen is:

  • You'll be able to design the PERFECT products for them (not what you hope, wish or want them to buy), so your product WILL SELL!

  • You'll know how to price your products to fit their needs, so the price then is never an issue for them.

  • You'll know where to find your customers, how to talk to them and how to get their attention, so your marketing efforts are always focused and on point re HIGH ROI!

  • You'll know how to sell to them, In fact, scratch that, your product will sell itself!

  • Your customer will trust and build loyalty to your brand because they'll know that you TRULY UNDERSTAND THEM.

  • You'll know what stores to go after for wholesale, what brands would be a good fit to collaborate with and where to open your first store.

  • You'll have a CLEAR PATH to success.

So, if you're reading this and you're still not sure who's is going to buy your product than before you spend another dime or another second on your business go ahead and download this target customer questionnaire and take the time to find the right answers so you can get clarity on your customer's persona.

And if you still find it hard to zoom in on your ideal customer then I would recommend creating 2 or 3 different personas and then analyze them to choose who would be the perfect one for your business.

It's time for you to be smart about your business and do things that make sense and do them in the right order!

Designing a product that doesn't fit customer's needs is NOT A BUSINESS, its a hobby!

Need help deciding on your ideal customer? Looking for help designing the perfect product for your customer?

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