Are You Afraid of Heights?

I took the first few weeks off and just came back from a visit to Melbourne.... yes, in Australia! My wife and I attended a wedding there and we loved it here. What a wonderful city! Lots of awesome things to see and do, lovely people, great food, great art, beautiful beaches and nice weather! (its summer there right now).
Trips always bring new experiences,so what i wanted to share with you today is one that i had on this trip which i thought will inspire you as you are looking to tackle new resolutions in this upcoming year.

Eureka tower, is a skyscraper (975 ft) with an observation deck on top watching over the whole city of Melbourne, what an amazing view! Part of the adventures offering there is “the Edge” which is a glass cube that you go into (imagine a glass elevator) while it’s being projected 10 ft (3 m) out from the building, suspended almost 984 ft (300 m) above the ground…..(imagine as if you are standing on air).Are you afraid of heights??...
Well, I am! Therefore i had no intention to experience that, but my wife on the other hand has no problems with heights (more so, she likes it) and wanted to do it. I tried, believe me that i tried very hard to convince her other way but to no luck. I’ll save you from the emotions, thoughts and “stories” that i had inside my head while waiting (about 20 minutes) for our turn to go in…i will sum it up as NOT FUN! I was scared, uncomfortable and anxious not knowing what I’m going into. But at the same way i kept telling myself that I MUST do it, even if it was just because I was so scared.
So, with my wife near me holding my hand (very tight as you can see in the picture below) - I DID IT! 

My wife and I on top of the world!

My wife and I on top of the world!

Note: the socks we have on are required, they are not by choice....).
To be honest, it was fun and NOT scary AT ALL! The wait for our turn with all the scary thoughts and “stories” in my head (of everything that can go wrong) were way more terrifying than any part of the actual experience.
While out there I realized that It was all in my head (i even felt a bit embarrassed), I had past memories as a child being afraid of heights and had no idea what it will be like this time, and that unknown was scary! In reality It felt amazing, it helped me put everything in perspective, gave me much more confidence and taught me once again that:
Being afraid of something does NOT mean that we shouldn't do it!

As an entrepreneur, designer/visionary and a business owner you at times “forced” to take chances, face fears and your past (bad) experiences. Trust me, I know how uncomfortable and scary this can feel (I’ve been there before and still am with my own business), but that doesn't mean that things will end up bad, right? and it doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it.
Is it possible that the “unknown” will turn out to be an awesome experience??? One that might take your business to the next level and help your dreams come true? Yes, there is a chance that it might not turn out to be the way you wanted or imagined it to be but what if it will turn out to be better than that???

I say GO FOR IT! If you feel you really feel uncomfortable than just do it gradually and in your phase, no need to jump all in right away. Test the water first and as you get more comfortable go in deeper, its the end result that matters.

Have Fun!

** P.S I'll let you in on a little secret: things always work out somehow! That is the beauty of life so just do it!