3 Reasons Why You Need A Tech Pack

When developing a product or collection from scratch it’s easy to start designing and planning without first considering the importance of how you’ll communicate your designs to the team that will help bring your vision to life.  A tech pack is the fashion industry’s universal form that explains all the details and specs for each garment. Before getting too far into the design process, consider these three important reasons how a tech pack will help your business:

  1. Personal organization: Having a tech pack is almost like having a visual checklist for each style. In one compact place you can fill in all details relating to a garment until it is ready for production. Here you can include color and fabric swatches, reference images and flats for construction details, and measurements. The many stages of developing a product can often feel overwhelming and important details can slip through the cracks if the information is not kept consistently in a particular order. Tech packs make it easy to see what needs to be done to get your product out the door as accurately and as soon as possible!
  2. Most efficient method of communication: From development through production your ever evolving product will go through so many hands that a detailed tech pack is essential to keep everyone on the same page. Designers, tech designers, pattern makers, sample makers, and contractors who all come from various backgrounds and work in different methods will be handling your garments. A tech pack including every detail will leave no room for interpretation causing your product to be consistent from sampling through to production. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the people creating your product will be simultaneously working on other clients work as well. After you leave a factory or pattern maker etc., the tech pack will serve as their guide to follow when you are not there. 

  3. Can be sent anywhere around the world: A great tech pack will be so specific that you could send it to any factory around the world and they will be able make your garment with no additional explanation. If you are working with factories overseas or any distant location you cannot visit, a tech pack will explain all the details for you. 

Keeping consistent and thorough tech packs from the very beginning of your product development process will save you and your team time and many a headache in the long run!

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