The Future of Our Fashion Industry

The Future of Our Fashion Industry

Where do we go from here?

The fashion industry is challenged with this question for a few years now, with no answer just yet.

Here is where we are now:

  • Globalization and technology changed the supply chain.
  • Fast fashion companies disrupted the market and created new standards of speed to market. 

What is a Marker?

What is a Marker?

A marker is used in the production process.

Since most times (especially when using overseas factories) a marker gets done by the factory many fashion designers are not quite familiar with it so we thought we’ll help you with that.

So what is a marker?

4 Things That Any Fashion Brand Can Do To Be More Sustainable.

4 Things That Any Fashion Brand Can Do To Be More Sustainable.

Sustainability - The ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely. 

In the fashion industry we are constantly producing more and more goods. We use tons of natural resources, produce garments all over the world and all the while we are trying to keep up with ever changing trends and timely demands of the fashion industry. What is that impact? Most of the pollution in the garment industry comes from textiles. Water usage, finishing agents, and dyes. 20% of the worlds water pollution is due to the garment industry. How does it affect the community that work and live around these factories? As designers and consumers we have the responsibility to ask ourselves these questions and the ability to make change. 

How do you as a designer build a company with all of these things in mind and as a small brand be a part of this change?

Time Time Time...

You have a great concept, you have the backing and the drive, but all of these things can’t make a line successful if it doesn't ship on time.

One of the biggest pitfalls for designers is staying on schedule and making their deliveries on time. It’s a struggle to design, produce, ship and sell on time, especially for designers who are learning how the fashion calendar works.  The industry has standard dates that are predetermined for designers to follow as guidelines:

-          Fabric shows – when the season’s fabrics become available

-          Sales shows – when the current season collection is presented to stores

-          Store delivery dates – when stores accept orders 

Designers who end up with late product either do not stick to their calendars or are setting their calendars up incorrectly. 

How you organize your time before and in between these industry dates will make or break 

3 Reasons Why You Need A Tech Pack

When developing a product or collection from scratch it’s easy to start designing and planning without first considering the importance of how you’ll communicate your designs to the team that will help bring your vision to life.  A tech pack is the fashion industry’s universal form that explains all the details and specs for each garment. Before getting too far into the design process, consider these three important reasons how a tech pack will help your business:

  1. Personal organization: Having a tech pack is almost like having a visual checklist for each style. In one compact place you can fill in all details relating to a garment until it is ready for

5 Points to Consider Before Starting a Handbag Line

Are you looking to start a handbag line?

We recently partnered with Tara Sauvage, a handbag expert with over 15 years expertise in handbags and leather goods. Together we will offer help with every stage of the process: from consulting to design, sourcing, development and production with both domestic and overseas manufactures.

Below are Tara’s top 5 points you must consider before starting a handbag line: 

  1. Price Point Will Determine Feasibility.   

    It is important to figure out your retail price point before starting a collection, as this will determine the materials you can use.  Many new aspiring handbag designers want to make a luxury leather bag collection that retails for under $100. 

The Most Important Step to Get the Best Results From Your Production

This week I read a very informative article on manufacturing and production and it made me think: “What is the single most important step to get the best results from your production? “

I once had a teacher who said that if we simply do our homework and study, the test will be a breeze! And he was right, it worked for me. The same concept easily translates to fashion production.

DESIGN WITH PRODUCTION IN MIND! I know how boring and limiting this part sounds for a creative person like you, but following this motto is the single, most important step to turn your creativity and talent into a BUSINESS! If you plan your production process while you design your product and think ahead about each step, re: the logistics, the cost, the timeline, etc. your production will be easy and will have no tricky questions or surprises.

To help you with that, here are 3 tips you should follow when designing your next season: 

Made in USA or Made Overseas

Made in USA or Made Overseas

Made in USA or Made overseas? That is a production question that every brand find itself engaged in at one point or another.  To better Illustrate the debate I chose to share a story of a brand I have been working with.

What should we do?

A couple of weeks ago i received an email from Cathy, 1 of 4 owners at NoNetz – who designs anti-chafe swimwear for boys and men. In her email she asked for my thoughts on the following: “Staying in Brooklyn, we get to decent profit in 7 years. Going overseas, we are highly profitable in 2 years. Producing overseas will cost us 75% less in labor...What should we do?"

From Concept to Sales, 6 Things to Know about Starting and Running a Successful Fashion Brand

From Concept to Sales, 6 Things to Know about Starting and Running a Successful Fashion Brand

So much more goes into starting and running a successful fashion brand than good designs and branding. Often incredibly talented designers and very marketable labels fold for reasons that have very little to do with the actual concept behind the clothes.  So what is the secret recipe behind success in the fashion industry? What do the successful brands do that others don’t?

This Saturday we are hosting, together with Mood Fabrics at their NYC store a full day workshop.  We asked the three industry experts who will teach that day and whom each handle a piece of the fashion puzzle, from concept and creation to sales and marketing, for their two best tips on running a successful fashion brand and here is what they had to say: