How to Create A Line sheet That Sells

How to Create A  Line sheet That Sells

Everything that you do in your business should lead towards making a sell….that is off-course If you agree that the goal of your fashion business is to sell products.

If you are looking to sell wholesale, one of your main selling tools is going to be a GOOD Line sheet.


What Should be Your Payment Terms?

What Should be Your Payment Terms?

Today's post is an answer for a designer's question about payment terms.
Janette Hanna asked Boaz:
Hello Boaz, I wanted to learn about a document/contract? for terms when taking orders from boutiques. I would like to show them a document with clear terms, ie pay 50% on order, 50% upon delivery. Are 50/50 terms used? J. Hamill says to charge the their credit card for remainder the day you send the order. Not when they receive the order. Needing clarification. 

5 Tips For Selling Your Fashion Brand To Retailers

A guest post by Maria Pesin from Vibe Consulting

I know, I know, selling is scary.  Will the customer like your product?  Will you seem too pushy?  Will you not push enough?  What if they reject you?  How do you even start?  These are many of the questions my clients ask me.  The truth is selling is not as hard as you think.  Just like anything you do there is a process.  Following the process will help take the fear out of selling.  The more you do it the easier it becomes and the better you get at it.  As entrepreneurs we need to get over our fear because without sales there is no business.  Even if you hire great salespeople, business owners who involve themselves in sales have better results.  Buyers love when the owner cares enough about their business to interact with them.  Here are my 5 tips to selling your brand to store:

Do I Need a UPC Bar-code?

Do I Need a UPC Bar-code?

Today I wanted to answer a reader's question. Its a question that we frequently get from designers so I figured you will all benefit.
Q. What’s the skinny on bar codes/upc codes. Do I need to buy these for my hang tags?
A. To answer the question I’d like to first explain what a UPC code is and why it is used.
A UPC, Universal Product Code, is a bar code that encodes product information (company, product style, size, color, etc.) in a visual pattern that can be read electronically. For example, major department stores who have an electronic point of sale system at the checkout use UPCs to keep track of their stock, sales, and to reorder products by scanning the bar-code.