What Is The Right Price For My Fashion Product?

What Is The Right Price For My Fashion Product?

It's no news that pricing your product right will have a big impact on your sales.

But what is pricing it right means? 

This question can be even harder to answer if you are just starting your fashion brand. 

There are few ways to determine the right prices of your fashion products even at that stage. It requires some research, but It all comes down to defining your market positioning, your specific target customer and the value of your product for that customer.

5 Powerful Tips to Build Your Fashion Brand With Social Media

5  Powerful Tips to Build Your Fashion Brand With Social Media

There are 2 things I love about it:

Anybody can do it. 

There is no one way to do it which means anyone can do it their way.

Not to mention that its either free or at least can be affordable for any budget.

That is the beauty of social media marketing! 

Should I Sell My Fashion Product On My Website?

Should I Sell My Fashion Product On My Website?

The retail landscape is definitely changing.

Although there are different opinions as to where it's heading, the future is uncertain.
Retailers are struggling, department stores are closing doors or ....just don't pay designers on time.
Small brands are challenged to compete in a saturated market with low margins.

Are we looking at the end of Brick and Mortar?

Trade shows, Yes or No?

Trade shows, Yes or No?

I remember my first one.

I was about to launch my women’s line. 

The samples were ready, I had a great photo shoot done, I had the look book and line sheets ready and I even had a website (back than that was not a given).

I just needed to get into Coterie and the rest will be history....

How to Create A Line sheet That Sells

How to Create A  Line sheet That Sells

Everything that you do in your business should lead towards making a sell….that is off-course If you agree that the goal of your fashion business is to sell products.

If you are looking to sell wholesale, one of your main selling tools is going to be a GOOD Line sheet.


What Should be Your Payment Terms?

What Should be Your Payment Terms?

Today's post is an answer for a designer's question about payment terms.
Janette Hanna asked Boaz:
Hello Boaz, I wanted to learn about a document/contract? for terms when taking orders from boutiques. I would like to show them a document with clear terms, ie pay 50% on order, 50% upon delivery. Are 50/50 terms used? J. Hamill says to charge the their credit card for remainder the day you send the order. Not when they receive the order. Needing clarification. 

You Got Orders For Your Fashion Products, Now What?

Your selling season just ended, your got orders (hopefully more than what was projected), Congratulations! So what now? What should you do next?

This next preparation stage can help iron out and clean any possible issues before you commit to production. This is where you will need to consolidate all your orders, confirm them, make production decisions and start the pre-production phase.

Here is a detailed step by step on what you should do now:

Collecting - Collect all your orders, go through all the details on each one of them to make sure all the info on them is clear and complete. Many times orders are being 

What's Your Story?

This post is written by our branding consultant Maria Pesin from Vibe Consulting.

I was at a trade show one day shopping for product to sell in my shoe and accessory store.  Passing by a booth I saw belts that looked interesting.  The salesperson gave me the information about the belts and I was ready to leave.  Then the owner of the company came over and told me the story of the company and the belts.  The story was so compelling that I sat right down and wrote an order.

Stories have the power to inform and educate, entice and engage a customer. Stories can 

At What Level of Sales Will Your Fashion Business Make a Profit?

How many products will you need to sell in order to cover your cost and at what level of sales will your business make a profit?

To answer this you will need to calculate and find what is the breakeven point of your business.

Breakeven point (or breakeven analysis) is the point in which expenses are covered, and anything that is sold above that point means that your business is making a profit.

Calculating the breakeven point is done by defining the relationship between expenses and revenues and understanding how expenses/cost will change as sales increase or decrease. Let’s look at how it’s done.

From Concept to Sales, 6 Things to Know about Starting and Running a Successful Fashion Brand

From Concept to Sales, 6 Things to Know about Starting and Running a Successful Fashion Brand

So much more goes into starting and running a successful fashion brand than good designs and branding. Often incredibly talented designers and very marketable labels fold for reasons that have very little to do with the actual concept behind the clothes.  So what is the secret recipe behind success in the fashion industry? What do the successful brands do that others don’t?

This Saturday we are hosting, together with Mood Fabrics at their NYC store a full day workshop.  We asked the three industry experts who will teach that day and whom each handle a piece of the fashion puzzle, from concept and creation to sales and marketing, for their two best tips on running a successful fashion brand and here is what they had to say: