How Busy Are you?

How Busy Are you?

When did being busy become the new measure of success? 

How many times you heard someone says 'I'm so busy', yet you couldn't stop but thinking, what are they so busy with???

Feeling busy makes someone feel successful and accomplished while giving others the impression that that person is indeed successful....more so, they might even envy them.

Just Do It!

Just Do It!

What a great slogan.

I was never a fan of Nike (has to do with my favorite sport), but I do LOVE the message of this phrase and I do use it a lot!

Anyways, I’m not here to speak about that.

I’m here to speak about you and turning your talent and great ideas into a business where you can make money doing what you love! 

How Much of it is Luck?

How Much of it is Luck?


This last week I had a meeting with 2 investors who recently bought a licensing to build a fashion line for a public figure (name is confidential) and they wanted to learn more about the industry and how can we help them.

After I gave them a quick rundown of the process one of them asked: So how much of it is luck?

Did I hear right? I asked myself.

Is it Necessary to Have a fashion Degree in Order to Have a Successful Fashion Brand?

Is it Necessary to Have a fashion Degree in Order to Have a Successful Fashion Brand?

We often get asked if a fashion design degree is necessary in order to have a successful fashion brand?

The key words in that question are necessary and successful.

If you have a fashion design degree, this means that you learned in theory how to design a full collection, got introduced to the technical and design terms and the process of making a fashion product. HOWEVER, if you do not have a fashion design degree you

The Secret to Being a Successful Entrepreneur.

Starting a business is a marathon.

As a business owner you must be mentally prepared to live with uncertainty and fear while pushing through obstacles for years on end.

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that before they had success stories they had numerous unsuccessful stories. Bill Gates watched his first company crumble, Milton Hershey started 3 candy companies before Hershey’s, Walt Disney was told he lacked creativity and was forced to close his first animation company and the list goes on.

The ability to control fears and detach from the outcome is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from other business owners. They are visionaries who have the ability to turn the