3 lessons I Learned From My 2.5 Years Old Son On How To Build a Successful Fashion Brand

I consider myself a private person, but this was something I had to share with you!

I have a 2.5 years old son, and quite frankly the last 2.5 years were an amazing and fun experience for me.

Many people will tell you how much work it is to have kids and what you'll need to give up and change etc. 

But what no one tells you is how much you can learn from a toddler...about yourself, life and...Business.

How Busy Are you?

How Busy Are you?

When did being busy become the new measure of success? 

How many times you heard someone says 'I'm so busy', yet you couldn't stop but thinking, what are they so busy with???

Feeling busy makes someone feel successful and accomplished while giving others the impression that that person is indeed successful....more so, they might even envy them.

Interview With Boaz David on

Boaz was recently interviewed by Monica Lee for her Smart Creative Women website Where he shared his own story and experience in the fashion industry, shared lessons he learned along the way and talked about the concept behind our company Human B.

So tune in to listen here, learn a few things and get inspired!