Interview With Boaz David on

Boaz was recently interviewed by Monica Lee for her Smart Creative Women website Where he shared his own story and experience in the fashion industry, shared lessons he learned along the way and talked about the concept behind our company Human B.

So tune in to listen here, learn a few things and get inspired!

How to Translate Inspiration Into Designs

Inspiration - the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

As creative people we are constantly stimulated by various (and sometimes random) things around us: visuals, sounds, text, smells, memories, feelings etc. Translating all of that into unique and wearable designs is where the magic/creative part happens!

When beginning to design a collection it’s natural to start fantasizing about your favorite designs, spilling sketch after sketch over each page. But good design is not born in a vacuum. The key to creating a memorable collection is to build a story from which you can then draw inspiration from to enhance your designs.

Simply picking and choosing elements that you like will leave the customer confused and will not 

5 Top Secrets for Designing a Fashion Line

5 Top Secrets for Designing a Fashion Line

 like to think of fashion design as an art form, which requires a strong dose of talent and plenty of creativity.

But taking that raw talent and creativity and turning it into a successful business isn’t always easy. Even with these traits, it is not a simple task to design a fashion line that’s both fresh and uniquely “you”…. never the less producing that season after season.

And let’s not forget all the planning, figuring out the nuances of your niche market, pricing your products, and differentiating yourself through branding, all while juggling a limited resource pool and seasonal products. Even the most talented fashion designers in the world would find this daunting!